Originally "The Songs of Distant Earth" was a book by Arthur C Clarke, a beautiful tale of love and loss across the gulfs of space and time. Later "The Songs of Distant Earth" became the title of a 1994 Mike Oldfield album, an ambient journey inspired by the book. Now, "The Songs of Distant Earth" is the home of the artist Distant Earth, also known as Chris Burton.


Inspired by both Oldfield and Clarke, Chris started his personal musical journey late in life. In the year of his 40 birthday he decided it was time to get the ideas that had floated around his head for decades down on paper. He recorded a few instrumental tracks and posted them on Sound Cloud. The responses were encouraging, comments drew comparisons with Oldfield and David Gilmour of Pink Floyd, both heroes of Chris'. The journey had begun.


Early 2013 saw the release of Chris' debut album - Tears in Rain - An emotional journey through the heart and mind of a man with a past, a future and a dream. A concept album, semi biographical.


Chris followed this up with the entirely instrumental album - Magnetic Anomalies - An ambient journey to the stars... and beyond! Music inspired by the book 2001: A Space Odyssey by Arthur C Clarke.


With his next album Chris took a turn towards a more purist progressive rock theme with the album - Touching Heaven - Powerful, emotional and uplifting.


The first piece of music Chris ever wrote formed the basis of his fourth album - Sagittarian Skies - A laid back dive into an ambient world of winter sunsets and cloudless skies.


Recently has seen the release of Distant Echoes - The Best of Distant Earth




The Best of Distant Earth





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